Saturday, November 26, 2016

Rodan Fields Mini Facial

Rodan & Fields Mini Facial Review

Consultant: Shayla Bennefield

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Mini Facial Kit

My Lovely Friend, Shayla invited me to give R+F mini facial a try. I'm all about trying out new facial products. I've seen her posts for a while now and have a few friends who are also consultants. She's the first to offer up this mini facial to me. So I said I would love to give it a try and write a review on these products. I want my followers to find out about this stuff too! I'm sure you've seen your friends posting on social media about but no one has offered you a mini facial kit to try it out.

If you are like me, you look at the price tag and look the other way. I'm all about supporting my friends and their businesses, but the price tag turned me away. (Remember, I'm an at home mom during the day and coach cheerleading in the evening. We live on a 1 adult income and it's not mine!) So don't take it personal and don't freak out when I say pricey. I have 2 kids (3 including the hubby) and 2 cats and we live on ONE income. So my pricey maybe different than your pricey! Now don't FREAK OUT! Don't judge a book by it's cover! Open the book and read the inside first.

Read my whole blog before you judge!

I'm also a Proactiv user and have been for years and years. I love Proactiv and that is made my the same company. I've always been happy with that. I love the 3 step system. Get it done in the morning and I'm set for the day. (yes, I know you are suppose to use it twice a day, but it works just fine using it once a day) So I've seen the posts and I've checked out the prices, I can't see myself spending that kind of money on something I don't know if it's really going to work or not. I'm a cheapy kind of person. Lets be honest! I'm a try it before you buy it kind of person!

However, I'm not in my teens and I'm not in my 20s anymore. I'm in my 30's! Yes, I'll be 36 next month. I'm pushing that 40 mark and it's coming on quickly. I need something that is going to work with my skin, the skin of a 30 something. I'm not a young adult anymore! I've got those fine line and wrinkles going on and I'm not happy. I've even been pulling those stray gray/white hairs out. I'm not ready to get old. I want to have young youthful skin and I want to look it too! So here is my mini facial. Keep reading to find out more!

Excuse my crazy hair. I took a lovely bath before my mini facial. The steam made my hair a bit crazy.

Step One - Micro-Dermabrasion paste

Step One Complete - My face feels nice and clean! A deep clean is a must!

Step 2 - Night Renewing Serum (I haven't even used it yet and my face is looking good)

Step 3 - REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum

Step 4 - The Eyes! YES! I need this!
(I've got on my Sparkly Slytherin shirt on that I made)

All done I'm looking good now! This is my happy face! No more dull, no life skin!

Before and After

WOW! is all I can say right now! My face feels like silk and it is already looking way better! I'm quite impressed and a total believer that this works! My skin and lips look good and my eyes don't look as tired and thats off just ONE mini facial! Say WHAT!

Okay, okay, I know what you are thinking...this isn't real or I used photoshop or whatever. Yes, I love me some photoshop for editing my photography photos, but this is real ladies and gents! These are real results with real products. No joking! I'm just as surprised as you! I can't even imagine what my skin will look like when I use the whole system for a month, at which I will do a review on!

I am in love and I'm super happy with the results! You can get these too!

Now back to the price tag thing I spoke about earlier. Is it worth the money! You can bet your bottom dollar it is and I'll be spending it too! I want to have youthful skin. Like I said before, I want to try it before I buy it. Specially when it's pricey. Don't look at the price, look at the results! It's worth investing in yourself and your skin! Spend the money and love your skin! When you buy cheap products, you get little or no results. It's worth the investment! I'm going to invest in myself and my skin! Are you?!

I'm sure if you are a follower of mine, you know that I have tried all kinds of skin products being a product reviewer. I have never had a product give me a result like this in just one use. NEVER! It usually takes a few weeks to even seen a little something and sometimes, I don't see any results at all. It's disappointing when you spend all that time trying out a product and not seeing any results or it literally take a month to see results. I am impatient! I want results now!

It doesn't matter how old you are, you really should be thinking about skin care in your teens. Don't wait until you start seeing those pesky crows feet and fine lines. Start as early as possible to prolong them. The sooner you start taking care of your skin, the longer it takes for those darn lines to start appearing. Don't think that age is something you need to wait around for to take care of your skin. Do it now! If I had known how important skin care was in my early 20s, I would have started then. Instead, I'm in my mid-30s talking about skin care and starting early!

Get up with Shayla and she'll help you get the right system for your skin type. Not all skin is created equally! Thats why Shayla is your skin professional and will help you get what you need. Spend the money and your skin will love you in return. After all, this is the only skin we get on this earth and we need to take really good care of it. Hit my girl up and she'll help you out! 

Take Care of Your Skin NOW!

Thank you so much Shayla for allowing me to review your products and write my blog! You've won me over and I'm sold! This is a must have for me and my skin!

R+F offers many products! You can use a whole system or pick and choose! Shayla will help you come up with the best items for your daily routine that you will actually use. You don't have to buy a whole system if you know you aren't going to use it all. You get what you want and use what you want!

Now get off my blog and find Shayla! Talk to her and get to know her and she'll do that same! Now you've got your consultant! Use her beautiful self to help you before even more beautiful than you already are!


If you use R+F products, comment below and let me know what you think! I would love to hear about your results and would love to see photos as well!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Step Stool

Folding Step Stool - Green

About the Product:
  • HEAVY DUTY Holds up to 350 lbs for strong support in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, closet, garden and ,more
  • FOLDABLE STEPPING STOOL Folds flat for easy storage 9 '' height ideal for saving space
  • NON SLIP DOTS Safe collapsible for all the family with anti-slip feet pads for strong grip
  • CONVENIENT & PORTABLE Opens easily and has a handle for easy carrying. Take it anywhere extra height is needed

My Review:
My kids love this stool. They can now reach the top of shelves without asking me or my husband to each something for them. The stool has nice rubber grips on top and is so easy to fold up and store. It doesn't even get in the way. It's very light weight and they can take it all over the house. This is a keeper! The kids love it and I love it.

It's all about safety! This step stool makes it safer for the kids to reach up in the cabnets and not have to jump up onto the counter. My son is 9 years old and does wash dishes. He can reach all into the sink and get dishes washed so much easier!

I keep my 4 year old niece and she can use the stool to reach the sink to wash her hands in the bathroom! It's a win win!

Overall, I'm super happy to have this step stool and the kids love it!

*Disclaimer: Product was provided for my honest review. All words and photos are mine.

Also available in black and white!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

instanatural vitamin C serum

instanatural Vitamin C serum

About the Product:
Our Vitamin C Serum is a powerful solution packed with nutrients to brighten the skin and prevent common signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles and discoloration. To enhance the antioxidant benefits of Vitamin C, our serum also includes Ferulic Acid to defend against damage, as well as Hyaluronic Acid and Sea Buckthorn Oil to support the skin’s protective barrier.
  •  Supports healthy collagen production while brightening skin tone, helping to maintain firmness and radiance
  • A unique blend of Plant Stem Cells, natural oils and botanical extracts nourish the skin while improving its tone and texture
  • Hyaluronic Acid provides instant hydration, boosting the skin’s ability to retain moisture
  • Defends against environmental aggressors with powerful antioxidants Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid
  • Lightweight formula is designed to layer under a moisturizer and is perfect for all skin types

My Review:

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

instanatural toner

InstaNatural Dual Phase Mattifying Toner

About the Product:
Give your skin a matte appearance with our Dual Phase Mattifying Toner. Natural extracts such as Willow Bark, Peppermint, and Lavender refine pores while Kaolin Clay absorbs excess oil on your skin, keeping it shine-free and radiant throughout the day.
  • Kaolin Clay’s natural oil absorbing properties keep skin clear and matte throughout the day
  • Refines the tone and texture of skin, decreasing the appearance of enlarged pores and blemishes
  • Willow Bark, Peppermint and Lavender Extracts refresh and soothe the skin
  • Great to use to prep the skin prior to makeup application, providing an oil-free canvas for foundation and powder
  • Formulated to absorb excess oil without stripping the skin or causing dryness

My Review:
I love this toner. I always use a gentle face scrub, then a toner, and then a moisturizer daily. This toner is lovely. It smells good and makes my skin feel so soft. I like that it doesn't dry out my skin. With the winter months approaching quickly, I need a toner that will keep my face from drying out. This is it.

Do you use a toner? I know I do! If you don't, you really should consider it. I'm 35 and I have to take care of my skin. I've got those fine lines going on. I want to prevent wrinkles for as long as possible! Love your skin!

I have been using instanatural products for about 2 years now and I'm a fan. Their product work and make your skin feel amazing! When your skin looks good, you feel good and you want to take those selfies with your kids!

Now go visit their website and order great products. You'll be happy that you did!

*Disclosure: Product was provided for my honest review. All words and photos are mine.

Posture Corrector

Yosoo Back Posture Corrector

About the Product:
  • STAND TALL & CONFIDENT: Yosoo Posture Corrector With Perfect Correct Posture Brace for Women Men, Make Your Hunched, Slouched Shoulders a thing of the past. Walk Tall & Strong Instantly Build Confidence & Look More Attractive. Lightweight, You even could wear it under clothes. Washable, and Can Be Worn at Home, Work, or AT THE GYM.
  • NO MORE "COMPUTER POSTURE": Yosoo Posture Support Pull Your Round Shoulders Back to Align Your Spine the Way it Should be. Don't let Sitting all day Damage Your Back Permanently! Feel Your Terrible Pain & Bad Tension Ease Away Quickly & Easily
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: Shoulder velcro Allow FOR Proper Adjustment for Optimal Fit. Adjustment from 28 to 48 Inch in chest circumference. Yosoo Posture Correction Belt with Premium Quality Materials with Latest Design with Fully Adjustable Straps Means You get a Great Comfortable Fit Every Time - Invisible Under Shirt.
  • ALL DAY COMFORT - A posture brace may sound uncomfortable, but thanks to soft lightweight but stronge shoulder straps that prevent pinching of the skin, you might just forget you even have it on. It features breathable, latex-free material that helps keep your back cool.
  • Yosoo GUARANTEE: Put your worries aside! If you don't like it for any reason, you can just take advantage of our 60 days warranty. We will replace it or give your money back for any reason. Go ahead, you deserve the quality of this shoulder strap!

My Review:
This is great! I can't stand sloppy posture. My daughter is 16 years old and has horrible posture. I am constantly telling her to stand up straight. This posture corrector is great! It allows her to stand tall and look lovely! It's really easy to put on and very comfortable.

Growing up, my dad was a US Marine and has perfect posture. At dinner, every night, he would walk past us kids and anyone who slouched, he would pull our shoulders back. Ever since, I've made sure that I stand with correct posture. Sure, I slouch every now and then, but having correct posture takes the strain off my lower back.

I've always felt that when you stand tall, you look more confident! I hate when I see models in magazine who are slouchers and have terrible posture. I just want to pull their shoulders back.

I coach tumbling for cheerleader. One of my cheerleaders has horrible posture. She looks so insecure. I constantly tell her to stand tall, shoulders back. Posture really matters. When she is tumbling with good posture, she does great. When she has poor posture, her tumbling suffers.

Overall, this is a must have for everyone! Having good posture will make you look better and you'll be more confident!

*Disclosure: Product was provided for my honest review. All words are my own.

Waist Trainer

Pelisy Breathable Waist Trainer

About the Product:
  • 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane
  • This waist belt is made of elastic material, it can tighten your waist to shape a hourglass figure.
  • The height is 9.8 inch and it will suit for your long torso. When you put it on, it will help you cover pretty much your entire stomach, especially the fat lower abdomen.
  • It has 3 row hooks and eye closures, whatever you are petite or plus size, you can use the first row or the third row to adjust it fit for you.
  • It is underbust and postpartum women would like it very much because it is like a tummy fat burner and designed to lose the tummy fat. It is not only for women after pregnancy, but also for those still do yoga or have fitness regime in the gym to be slim.

My Review:
This waist trainer is really comfortable and easy to put on. I like that it's flexable and not stiff. I have tried other waist trainers and they are usually really stiff and not to comfortable. I was impressed how comfortable it was. I didn't feel like I was being squeezed to death. It looks nice under my clothes and you can't even tell that I'm wearing it. I posted this photo of my daughter and I at her football game. You can't even tell that I have a waist trainer on! I love it!

*Disclosure: Product was provided for  my honest review. All words and photos are mine.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Solar Chinese Lanterns

GDEALERS Solar Chinese Lantern Lights

About the Product:
  • Water Resistant: These Chinese lanterns balls are made from a water resistant nylon material that allows these string lights to be used for indoor or outdoor application.
  • Wide Use: Add a warm and charming atmosphere to your home, patio, gardens, landscape, pool ,deck ,tree etc and good ideals for wedding party or holidays like Halloween,Christmas, Valentine's
  • Easy to Install: The lantern balls can be easily removed when meeting bad weathers or cleaning them
  • Eco Saving: Full charge the solar panel at daytime, press the on/off button,the lights will auto light up at night for 6-8 hours

My Review:
These are awesome! I love the little chinese lights. Super easy to put together and hang up. These are great for parties outside. I'm a huge fan of solar lights. It makes things so much easier. You never have to worry about them not turning on and you don't have to run out and buy batteries.

These are perfect for summer parties! I usually have a few get togethers with friends. I don't do a lot of outside parties after the summer. My daughter will graduate this school year and these will be perfect for her graduation party! It will be a great party with lots of friends!

Overall, these are great outdoor lights. You can't use them inside unless you have them close to a window for the solar panel to get sun. These are so cute! Get them and have them for some get togethers!

*Disclaimer: Product was provided for my honest review. All words are mine.