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Total Tea Detox

Total Tea Gentle Detox

About the Product:
Gentle Detox Tea Customers & Reviewers consider us to be the Best Tea Detox period. 1200+ Doctors have recommended our Weight Loss Tea for over 10 years. Why? Gentle Detox Tea does get the Junk out of the Trunk, but Reviewers also say it TASTES GREAT and is GENTLE on your system.

ECHINACEA - stimulates the immune system to counter both bacterial and viral infections. Contains anti-inflammatory components

GYNOSTEMMA - acts as a scavenger in the stomach and intestines to eliminate waste and toxins from the body. Helps accelerate metabolism by adjusting blood sugar and reducing blood fat

PAPAYA - Contains papain and enzyme chemically related to "pepsin" which helps digest protein in the body and acts as an anti-inflammatory

PEPPERMINT - Soothes and comforts the stomach, promoting healthy digestion. Helps with the treatment of ulcer conditions of the bowel and intestine

CINNAMON - Used to combat microorganisms, diarrhea and other GI disorders, and has anti-oxidant properties

HIBISCUS - Used to treat constipation and inflammation

GINGER - Relieves indigestion, gas pains, irritation to the intestinal walls, diarrhea, and stomach cramping for the best body cleanse effect.

ROSE HIPS - Beneficial for constipation, infections and bladder problems. Excellent nutritional supplement and helps prevent cold

CHAMOMILE - Contains anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the digestive tract and help relieve pain, indigestion, acidity, gas, gastritis, bloating, colic, ulcers and other inflammatory conditions of the digestive system

SENNA - relieves constipation, increases peristalsis & soften stools for a gentle colon cleanse effect.

My Review:
I am totally loving this tea. I drink tea in the evenings before bed to try and relax. This tea really helps me relax and get ready for bed. It also helps with my digestive system and works great. It also tastes really good too! It's my favorite tea for in the evenings!

I'd rather have detox tea than colon cleanse any day! This actually works!

If you love tea in the evening, you'll love this tea! It needs to be on your must have items!

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MoiChef Reusable Wine Bottle

MoiChef Reusable Wine Bottle

About the Product:

Do you love drinking wine, but wish there was an easier way to enjoy it at the beach?
Have you ever wanted to take along wine on a camping trip, but decided that lugging around a glass bottle or two was just too inconvenient?

Then you need the Collapsible Wine Bottle from MoiChef.

Allowing you to enjoy wine in a container that's appropriate for just about any recreational activity, Moichef collapsible wine bottle holds a full-sized 750 ml bottle of wine and are reusable. The bag bends and flexes while protecting the wine inside. It's lightweight and be easily folded away after it's been emptied. There's no glass or other breakable parts and the plastic top allows you to sip, store and drink the wine inside at your own pace.

Some notable advantages include:
• Holds a full bottle (750 ml) of wine.
• Nothing to break, there's no heavy glass needed to store and protect your wine
• There's no taste transfer and no carryover taste from previous uses.
• The large mouth make it easy to pour the original wine into the container
• It's easy to carry; designed with a ringlet so you can use a carbiner with it.

The collapsible wine bottle is BPA Free and can be used at concerts, picnics, camping trips and other recreational activities.

My Review:
I love this reusable wine bottle. I have a small fridge and I have limited space. Using this reusable wine bottle, I can transfer my wine into it and it fits perfect on the door of my refrigerator! I, personally, like my wine chilled no matter if its red or white. I dont like room temperature wine!

Not only does this reusable wine bottle save space, but I can take it with me on the boat or to a friends house! No more worrying about the bottle getting broke!

The bottle is very easy to clean and add another wine to it! I'm so excited to own this! Friends are going to want this!

Got a clip? Add your clip to the gramet and hook it on your bag!

Its also a great gift too!

I highly recommend this product! It's pretty awesome!

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Microfiber Cleaning Mitts

Alaska Bear Microfiber Cleaning Mitts

About the Product:
  • Scratch-free, lint-free and swirl-free
  • Features 2 distinct cleaning surfaces: chenille(coral-like corduroy) + microfiber car washing towel
  • Elastic Wrist Band allows you to wear the glove comfortably and use conveniently
  • Absorbs higher amounts of water than a sheepskin mitts - Removes wax dust(Mitt easily releases dirt when rinsed.)
  • Use wet for washing, dry for dusting; Safe for cleaning all surfaces including PDS, LCD screens, auto dashes...

My Review:
These are the best mitts for washing your car and cleaning your car! My husband is very particular about what he uses on his new truck. It's his baby! We all know how boys and their toys are!

He loves these mitts! Specially cleaning off the entire inside of his truck between deep cleaning. He'll even use a mitt to wipe off the pollen off his truck.

Overall, there are so many uses for these mitts and you get 2 of them. They are reasonably priced too! They are soft and clean dust really well, as well as pollen! They are soft and really clean, wet or dry! These are a 5 star for sure!

Thank you to everyone who entered into my giveaway using! We have a winner! Keep an eye out for more giveaways! You don't want to miss out!

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Booty Fresh

Booty Fresh

About the Product:
  • GET WHERE SOAPS, WIPES, AND TOILET PAPER CAN'T-Take Poo Pourri a step further! Toilet Paper leaves little bits behind. Simply cleaning the surface with soap & water is not enough, because bacteria has sunk into the skin. Booty Fresh pulls out what you've been sitting in all day.
  • EXTRACT & NEUTRALIZE ODOR-CAUSING BACTERIA-Booty Fresh is not a coverup nor a perfume. With one full application of Booty Fresh, & with normal bathing, you won't notice offensive odor from the offending area for up to 7 days. This stuff works!
  • IMPROVE YOUR LOVE LIFE-We spend so much time on our hair, face, and outward appearance, but then we forget our most offensive area! Finish the job, and have the complete confidence that you are clean and sexy.
  • IBS, CROHN'S DISEASE, INDIGESTION-Manage embarrassing fetor caused by bodily ailments.
  • ALL NATURAL-PET USE OK-MADE IN THE USA-OVER 120 USES-NO JOKE!-HASSLE FREE GUARANTEE-Contact Amazon within 30 days for a full money back refund. Contact us with any questions via our seller's page. YES IT REALLY WORKS! (More Info Below)

For daily use: Spray Booty Fresh directly on washed and dried bottom with 2-3 sprays. Let solution sit for 5 - 10 minutes while you attend to your other "toiletry needs." Rinse off and/or gently wipe dry. For weekly use: For immediate and lasting results, you may also wet a folded piece of toilet paper with 15 - 20 sprays. Lay the sprayed paper between your butt cheeks so that the paper makes contact. Leave for 15 minutes, then remove paper and rinse your bottom. Repeat as needed.

My Review:
I was very curious about this product. Booty this really going to work or is it just another gimmicky product?

The truth is, IT WORKS! Yes really, it works. I was skeptical at first. But it really works! I was amazed. 

Talking about our booties and smells are not something people talk about it. We all know we have a booty and sometimes it's stinky, but NO ONE talks about it unless you are referring to a baby. 

So I wanted to give this a try and I'm going to talk about it. The best time for me to use Booty Fresh is before I go for a run or go hiking. I will become complete drenched in sweat, head to toe! Sweat will roll down my back and into my crack! My crack will sweat. Yes, you get stinky when you are all sweaty! It's a fact of life. So after using Booty Fresh, my booty is fresh and not stinky!

I even tried it on my son who is 7 years old. Little boys can be stinky kids sometimes and it works on him! This is a pretty awesome product and I'm a believer that it works!

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Le Beaute Pure Eye Gel

Le Ceaute Pure Vitamin C Eye Gel

About the Product:
*5% Vitamin C is the perfect amount for the delicate eye tissue.
*The skin around the eye is very thin and more absorptive than other areas. When JOJOBA OIL is applied to this delicate skin it penetrates deeply in the inner layers, helping to restore skin's structure and moisturizing qualities. It is known as nature's wrinkle fighter.
*When applied to skin ALOE can penetrate 3 epidermal layers driving nutrients and moisture deeper in the layers of your skin. Aloe stimulates new healthy cell growth and helps heal damaged skin tissue.
*BOTANICAL HYALURONIC ACID improves the moisturizing effects of other products by increasing your cells ability to retain moisture. HA reduces visible signs of fine line and wrinkles and hydrates from the inside out.

*Cool, calming, hydrating, helps to revive tired eyes.
*Reduces visible signs of fine lines and wrinkles.
*Reduces dark circles and puffiness.
*Tones and firms sagging skin.

*Dedicated to the environment.
*100% Wind Powered.
*Facility built using eco-conscious materials and methods.
*Facilitates the planting of multiple fruit tree orchards in low-income communities and Native American Reservations around the USA.


*Enjoy our Free DIY Face-mask eBook w/ ingredients found in your kitchen.
Irritants in beauty products can cause melasma and irritation. Our Beauty Products are free of parabens, alcohol, fragrance, dye, GMO's, sulphates, petrochemicals, and phthalates (98% Natural, 72% organic), making it great on all skin types.

My Review:
Even though this is a little jar, it's amazing! A tiny bit goes a long way. I use this in the morning with my morning routine. It makes me look like I've had a great nights sleep, even when I didn't.

I also love that when I take off my make up with wipes, my eyes are usually puffy and irritated. I just use a small dab under each eye and I no longer have puffy irritated eyes.

I also have fine lines coming into my life in the corners of my eyes...crows feet. I've noticed after a week of use, that they are starting to disappear and my eyes are looking younger! 

This is a must have for new moms. We all know what it's like with a new baby in the house...little sleep. This vitamin C eye gel is perfect for getting rid of puffy, tired eye! Look like you've had that great night of sleep with a new baby! You're friends will be envious!

I swear this is a little jar of miracle cream! It smells great too!

Overall, this is by far the best eye gel I have tired! I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything!

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True Valor Koozie

True Valor Koozies

About the Product:
  • 2 pack insulated beer koozie / can cooler
  • Valor: Great courage in the face of danger: A portion of the proceeds will benefit families of injured / fallen law enforcement officers.
  • Thin Blue Line commemorates fallen officers and symbolizes the relationship of the police in the community as the protectors of the citizenry from the criminal element
  • Features warrior helmet and shield representing all courageous heroes
  • Makes great gift for police officers, family, retired, friends

My Review:
I really love this koozie. I don't use koozies, but I hate having condensation on my desk. This is also perfect for this summer. Showing support for our police officers and their families. With all this crazy mess going on about police, this is my way of showing support for them!

I also love that True Valor donates a portion of the proceeds to benefit police officers! What a wonderful company to do that!

Overall, I love showing support to our Police Officers and having this great koozie!

Are you showing your support? You should be! Get yourself some koozies!

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Penguin Pillow Mat

Penguin Pillow Mat

About the Product:
Sleep cooler and more comfortably with the new Penguin Pillow Mat.

Great for:
- Hot flashes
- Night Sweats
- Headaches/Migraines
- Summertime
- Neck Pain
- Camping
- Fevers
- And more

The Penguin Pillow Mat Features:
Large 12 x 22 in. size fits the width of your pillow
Soft, flexible gel that conforms to your body. (no water necessary)
High-quality materials and finished seams
Fabric, cotton-blend cover (not hard plastic PVC like some other brands)
Slim design, which fits easily over or under your pillowcase
Folds or rolls up for travel and storage
Gel is one continuous piece, not segmented like other brands, so you do not feel ridges or grooves in the middle of the mat
Immediately feels cool to the touch

Instructions for Use:
1. Place Penguin Pillow Mat in the refrigerator about 1 hour before use (optional, but recommended for enhanced coolness)
2. Place mat under or over your pillowcase.
3. Lay back, relax, and enjoy!
Mama Moon Boutique works hard to provide the highest-quality products at the best value pricing.

My Review:
This pillow mat is pretty awesome! It doesn't feel cool to the touch, but once you put your head on the pillow, you start to feel that cool sensation. It's really cool.

My husband gets hot at night and this is perfect for him. His only complaint is the cover that is on the cooling gel is a bit hard, so it's not comfortable for him to sleep on. He said that if it has a comfortable and soft cover on it, it would be the perfect pillow mat for him. But the pillow mat is really great. I agree that the cover is a bit hard.

I do like that it folds up nicely and you can travel with it in your suitcase, which is perfect for when we go on trips and vacation!

Putting the pillow in the fridge for an hour makes the pillow mat super cold. Which my husband LOVES this!

Overall, this is a great mat and I know that people will love it!

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Cloth Tape

Gaffer Cloth Tape

About the Product:
Why Gaffer Tape?
The XFasten Gaffer Tape is a cotton cloth tape with rubber adhesive that is water and abrasion-resistant. It is superior to most other tapes like Duct Tape. This tape has following characteristics:

• Residue-Free: The XFasten Gaffer Tape is widely used by TV, Theater, Studio, Automotive, Photography, Music and other professionals mainly because it is non-reflective and residue-free. Despite it has great adherence, the XFasten Gaffer Tape is easy to be removed.

• Cloth Tape: It is also known as Cloth Tape and it is matte and anti-slip that makes it ideal for multiple uses.

• Premuim Quality: The XFasten Gaffer Tape is the best Cloth Tape available on It is manufactured with high quality materials and passes through innumerous tests before sending to the final customers.

• Satisfaction Guaranteed: Because XFasten is widely confident in their superior product quality, they will cash you back if you are not satisfied with the XFasten Gaffer tape.

My Review:
Gaffer Cloth Tape is AMAZING and perfect for walking sticks! My husband and I love to hike. Having cloth tape on our walking sticks keeps are hands from sliding on the stick and even when you get all sweaty, the tape doesn't come off the stick. This tape is amazing!

Even when you are wrapping something, you can pull it back and readjust it without it being peramently stuck and making a mess.

I love that it's sticky like duct tape, but doesn't make a sticky mess. I don't even buy or use duct tape anymore. I have other tape from Gaffer and I love their products! Just amazing!

I love that if the tape touches it's self, you don't have to throw it away, just pull it off it's self and your ready to go!

Overall, I LOVE this company and their tape products! Best on the Market for sure!

If you want a great tape that is better than duct tape, but without the mess, this is the tape for you!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

RevitaGen Stretch Mark

RevitaGen Stretch Mark and Skin Repair Formula

About the Product:
  • Diminish the appearance of stretch marks
  • Firm and tone the skin
  • Reduce discoloration of the skin
  • Moisturizes and hydrates

My Review:
I would have loved to have tried this product. I never received any information from the company to order on amazon, but thats alright! I read the reviews on Amazon and it has really good reviews! I may have to give it a try! Click the Amazon link and read the reviews! I think my readers would love to use this cream!

If I didn't think this was a good product, I wouldn't suggest it to my readers, but I do think it's a good product and has a lot of actual customer reviews and everyone loves it. There are a few 4 stars, but the majority of reviews are 5 stars.

Check It Out!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hippo Teether

Hippo Teether

About the Product:
Our mission is to provide safe, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean and superior quality silicone teething toys for your daily use.

Special Features
* Enjoy a peace of mind with this certified silicone teether. We have you (parents) in our mind when designing our product. The teether will help babies focus while nursing!
* 100% safe! Non-Toxic, BPA-Free perfect gum massager to relieve pain. High quality food-grade silicone and colorful design (SGS/LFGB/FDA/CE certification).
* Easy-to-clean. Odorless and tasteless. Perfect teether size: 4.6" x 3.18" x 0.48". Easy to hold.
* Dishwasher and Freezer Safe. Refrigerate to soothe and cool baby's swollen gums.
* Comes with a bonus silicone donut bean for mommy to wear as a necklace plus a Stronger Kids guide.
* Buy different colors/design for your lovely baby and get some for your best friends too. An Amazing gift for baby showers! Amazon offers free shipping on orders over $35!

My Review:
This is a LIFE SAVER for Moms with teething toddlers! It's large enough that toddlers can hold it and chew on it while mom's don't have to worry about choking! My nephew is in love with this hippo. He can chew on it to sooth his gums and doesn't drive his mom crazy while he is teething. His mom can wear the hippo has a necklace, so it doesn't get lost.

I love how large the hippo is and I love that the necklace has a snap closure. No need to worry about being choked by your child if you are wearing this. If they pull hard, it will come off.

Not in the hippo mood? Change out the hippo with the donut!

This is a quality silicone and a great product! My nephew is happy and loves it. He takes his hippo all over the place with him. My sister is a happy mom!

If you are a babysitter like my daughter, this is perfect. She can wear this around her neck for the baby's to play with and put in their mouth.

As moms, we like to wear jewelry and babys love grabbing a necklace to put in their mouths. Put on this necklace and you don't have to worry about your necklace breaking or causing a choking hazard!

I highly recommend this to any mom with a teething baby!

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Wine Bottle Toppers

Silly Wine Toppers

About the Product:
The Wine Lover's Dilemma *

It's a problem every wine aficionado has. You sit down after a long day to enjoy a glass or two of your favorite red or white. After you have satisfied your thirst you realize you still have a great bottle of wine that's half finished. Instead of savoring it for the next occasion you're now worried...

How am I going to reseal the bottle of wine?

Will the bottle leak if I place it on its side on the wine rack?
Am I going to get pieces of cork in my wine?

This is no longer an issue since we created the MindBody Active Wine Stoppers. Now instead of being frustrated when you have a half finished bottle, you can feel relief, using our wine caps to seal in the full taste of your wine. Once you remove the cork & re-seal the bottle with the our wine stoppers, your wine is air tight & the bottle can rest on its side or even upside down without leaking. Best of all, our custom bottle caps are reusable. In fact they're designed to resemble the old wine bungs used to seal wine barrels during the winemaking process in France in the 1800's. The set of wine toppers comes with 4 wine sealers with a unique design on each cap to bring a smile to your face.

- Air-tight Seal
- Leak Proof
- Eco Friendly
- Reusable
- Easy to Use
- Great Gift Idea
- Fun
Get our Wine Lovers Only Guide, absolutely FREE!

At MindBody Active our goal is to help you live an active, healthy & environmentally clean lifestyle by creating products that do the same!

My Review:
I love these little sayings on these wine bottle toppers! Just adorable! They fit well and I don't have to try and push the cork back into the bottle. Shew! These are awesome! I have decorative wine bottle toppers, but usually they are too tall to fit on the door in the fridge. These are perfect. They are pretty flat and I'm able to put the bottle on the door of the fridge without a problem!

They are easy to clean and easy to put on any bottle! I'm sold and I'm a fan! I love when my friends come over and see the sayings on the toppers! They are a total hit!

Looking for a gift idea? This is your one stop shop to get a great gift that anyone who drinks wine will love! I know when I'll be getting for Christmas and birthday gifts for friends! This is it!!!

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