Sunday, March 13, 2016

50 Pack Pokemon Cards

50 Assorted Pokemon Card Pack Lot
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About the Cards:
This lot of 50 Pokemon Cards includes:

1. 40 Random Pokemon Common and Uncommon Cards With No Duplication!
2. 1 Full Art Promo Mew!
3. 1 Mew Pin!
4. 1 Ultra Rare (Ex, Lv. X, Full Art)
5. A mix of 8 Rares,Foils, Holos!
6. Comes in Storage Box or Pokemon Tin!
7. Includes 3 Custom Golden Groundhog Token Counters!

This is a lot produced by Golden Groundhog, containing three unique Golden Groundhog authorized tokens, featuring the smiling groundhog. Golden Groundhog

My Review:
My son is 8 and he is just getting into Pokemon. His face was priceless when he got these in the mail. The first thing he did was put his pin on his backpack. He was so excited to play Pokemon cards with his friends. As he went through the pack, he had to tell me about each card. My son and his friends dont really understand how to play but they do their thing and trade cards and such. He was so excited to get an actual Pokemon card and the Mew card. He loves the foil/holograph cards! They are so cool. He hasnt gotten any of those until he got this pack.

As a mom, this pack is so worth the money! You get a good amount of card with foil/holo cards for an great price. Locally for 50 cards, I would pay $30+ and you dont know what you are getting. We have yet to get any foil or holo cards. Plus we didnt get a cool pin!

If your child(ren) likes Pokemon cards, this is the place to be! You'll want to surprise them with this set!

*Product was provided for my honest and unbiased review. All words and photos are my own.