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Travel Dog Bowls

Travel Dog Bowls

About the Product:
Travel Dog Bowl Collapsible for Pet Food and Water - Set of 3 Mixed Colors
Make Travelling with Your Pets an Enjoyable Experience!
Pet Supplies For Dogs Water Bowl & Food
Travel Dog Bowl
Pet Supplies for Dogs Water Bowl
Dog Bowl
Dog Food Bowl
Pet Travel Bowl
Collapsible Dog Bowl
Dog Bowls
Dog Water Bowls
Pet Food Bowls
• Is your existing pet bowl too big for travelling?
• Do you want a safe, easy to store and easy to carry pet bowl?
• Do you want something your dog, cat or pet will enjoy using?
• Do you need a bowl that is strong yet flexible and that is going to last?

Our Travel Dog Bowl is the solution for you!
• 100% FDA APPROVED BPA FREE Food Grade Silicone
• Great for long walks or within your neighborhood, Travelling and Even When At The Park
• Pop-Up and Fold Away
• Perfect for your glove box, pocket, purse or backpack
• Handy for Food or Water
• Dishwasher Safe

The Best Quality Available - Strong and Durable
Amazon Buyers Trust and Love Our For Dog Premium© Brand and Our Quality Products. 

My Review:
I was unable to order this item because the code was expired and the company has not responded to several of my messages via Tomoson and email. BUT, these are really cool and they have great reviews! Check them out on Amazon!

Baking Mats

Baking Mats

About the Product:
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE: Durable, flexible, chef quality. You can freeze, refrigerate, bake, knead or even roll dough on our silicone baking mats. Superior flexibility allows our silicone baking sheet liners to be virtually stored easily anywhere in your kitchen.
  • HEALTHIER AND SUSTAINABLE: You will no longer have to use butters or oils when baking on our mats. You will get a healthier and tastier product as our mats are completely odorless and do not absorb flavors. Our mats are also eco-friendly as they take away the need for parchment paper and are BPA Free and approved by the FDA.
  • NON-STICK SURFACE: Gone are the days for parchment paper, butter and oils! You do not have to scrape off burnt cheese or cookies. Nothing sticks to our mats. Just simply peel off any food from the surface. Wash with warm, soapy water and repeat!
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We want to ensure that you are VERY SATISFIED with your purchase! If for any reason you are not COMPLETELY SATISFIED, we will give you a refund. No questions asked!
  • VALUE: You get 1 baking mat 11 3/4 x 16 1/2 which fits any Large USA Half Sheet Pan. They currently come in Burnt Brown Orange and Deep Black. Moditional Kitchen mats are made to exact specifications to meet FDA and LFGB Standards. Our mats are used all around the USA by professional chefs and everyday cooks for perfect results every time!

My Review:
I haven't had any communication from this company on how to get the mats to review, but the reviews on Amazon are pretty good. Check out the reviews! I think my readers will love these mats!

Money Belt and RFID Passport Holder

Money Belt and RFID Passport Holder

About the Product:
TRAVELLING IS MEANT to be "free and easy". Leaving your worries behind is a must. The biggest pain is usually luggage and valuable safety. We will leave the packing of the luggage to you but Merinte's money belt and passport holder will look after your valuables. It is so easy at airports, bus stations etc. and ideal for the local, international tourist, vacationer or sporting enthusiast. STACKS OF ROOM with 1 Large front pocket 205cm x11cm 1 Small front pocket 201cm x10cm. 1 Hidden rear pocket 205cm x10cm. All pockets have an automatic lock zipper. STRONG DROP STOP LOOP with safety press stud. Adjustable elastic strap gives belt a snug fit for all sizes Made from 210T polyester makes it water resistant. A simple brush down and light wash will ensure a long life. And your Peace of Mind is assured with our 12 MONTHS FAULTY REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE. But please heed our - WARNING -- Your money belt and passport holder helps but only you can protect those most important valuables. So now simply CLICK THE BUY or ADD TO CART BUTTON and your money, credit card and passport travel safe problems are over. There are two variations mb1blu mb1bla.

My Review:
I just used this awesome money belt on our trip to Arkansas. I usually carry my purse with me up front in the car, but decided to give this money belt a try. I was able to put my wallet in it and wear it under my shirt. When we would stop for gas or to stretch our legs, I had my wallet ready and on me. I didn't have to toss my purse on my shoulder. A 20 hour car ride, is a long car ride and you want as little under your feet as possible. This money belt is very comfortable and fits nicely! I love it and it's my new must have for traveling! You won't be disappointed!

I'm off again to a coaches conference in Georgia for a few days now and I've got my Money Belt ready for my next trip! I'm so excited to have this!

The money belt is great for Men and Women! I like the "snug" fit of the belt. I know it's there and in place and I don't have to worry about it slipping.

If you plan on traveling by car, train, or air, this is a must have to free up your hands! Also, you don't have to worry about your wallet falling out of your purse or pocket! Everything is safe inside!

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Backpack in a Pocket

BackPack in a Pocket

About the Product:
CAN YOU THINK OF ANYTHING MORE CONVENIENT? A daypack, travelpack, rucksack or simply a backpack that folds into a pocket. Its like "set and forget". Put in the glove box of your car, or in a corner of your suitcase or luggage. And that's it. When the next local or adventure shopping trip comes along there it is waiting. Or if you are a day camper, student, traveller same thing. You will be surprised if it is there ready to go how much you will use it. Very efficient for that shopping or luggage overload.. 12MONTH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Wear or Carry, Easy at airport ----- Easy to carry in your pocket, handbag or suitcase --- Large main pocket Ideal for extra clothing, shopping, food, maps, water etc -- Water Resistant Strong and Lightweight 210 Polyester -- Easy Access with Full Width zip opening -- Main Zip rain cover prevents water and dirt -- Easy Accessible Front pocket for smaller items -- Hook for key or belt attachment. Fits in own pocket -- Breathable non twist mesh straps for comfortable wearing -- Two Shoulder Straps. Reinforced at bag join -- Reflection strips so you are visible at night -- Buckle cross stitched for ultimate strength -- Adjustable Strap attached -- TWO WAY COLORS -- 18-20 Litre - L 43cm-17in W35cm-14in - D 12cm-5in -- Pocket L24cm 10in - W 10cm 4in D3cm 1.1/4in --Weight 4.5oz or 131gr. Simply click the BUY BUTTON NOW and head off over to Amazon where you Backpack or Daypack in a Pocket is waiting for you. As the saying goes and there is lot of truth in it. "Don't leave home without it"

My Review:
I am totally loving this backpack! We are on vacation and having this pocket backpack has come in handy! I am able to put it in the glove box in the car and then pull it out and turn it into a backpack and put all our stuff in it. Talk about saving space! This is a great idea for traveling. You can pull it out, use it as needed and then roll it back up into a small pocket and leave it in your car!

I'm so excited to have this backpack! Its a great size and my 7 yr old son really loves it. Its a great size for him. The straps are very easy to adjust for a small child or adult. My son really loves it because he can put his things inside it while we are in the car to keep the mess at bay.

Traveling made simpler is what this pocket backpack should have in the title! I love it and can't rave enough about it. I can't wait until we go camping next week in the mountains! This is a must have essential!

UpDate: I used this pocket backpack on our camping trip! Love it! My husband and I both have CamelBak's that we used while hiking. We took the kids with us hiking and of course my son wanted his own backpack. I pulled out the Pocket Backpack and he had his own! We put snacks and a few light things in it for him to carry so he did not feel left out. It holds up quite well. We did a 8 mile hike.

At about mile 5, my son decided he no longer wanted to wear a backpack. We were able to put the snacks in my daughters backpack, roll up the pocket backpack and put it in her backpack! Win Win!

This is your must have for vacations and traveling! I love it!

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My Block It

My Block It - Security for your Credit/Debt Cards

About the Product:
PROTECT YOURSELF NOW! Before it's too late...
THERE IS A NEW CREDIT CARD FRAUD RISK YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT... An estimated one-third of all existing Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards have an embedded radio frequency identification (RFID Chip) that carries financial and personal data which digital thieves can steal in seconds. It's called SKIMMING or DIGITAL PICKPOCKETING! Using digital readers they buy off the Internet for about $100, unscrupulous people without ever touching you can steal your name, account number, card expiration date and other information right off the chip in your card, while it's tucked away safely in your wallet or purse.

HAVE PEACE OF MIND WHEN TRAVELING... RFID Protection is a MUST when on vacation or Traveling Overseas - Great Security for Public Transportation and Crowded Places.

SECURE YOUR FINANCIAL AND PERSONAL DATA NOW... BLOCKIT Sleeves will protect your privacy and secure your most valuable data from digital pickpocketing. Each BLOCKIT Sleeve is engineered using 3 performance layers - A layer of aluminum material blocks 13.56MHz frequencies, a copper substrate layer blocks all 125kHz, while the outer layer is a glossy attractive full color design.
- Our EXCLUSIVE designs fit in ALL wallet card slots
- 6 Different colors make finding the right card quick and simple.
- Highest Quality RFID Sleeve on the market

My Review:
I'm really excited to have Block It in my wallet. We are getting ready to go on vacation and I always worry about having my purse stolen or wallet stolen or my credit cards! Technology is a bit crazy and people can steal your information so easily these days. I'm so happy that I have Block It and it's in my wallet protecting my credit cards from thieves!

My credit cards slide right into each pocket with ease and come right out with ease also! I love them and I love knowing my information is safe!

I highly recommend these and they come in cute designs!!

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Regenepure Biotin

Regenepure Biotin

About the Product:
Win the battle against hair loss. Best Hair Growth and Hair loss supplement by Regenepure is packed with beneficial hair nutrients that help thicken and regrow hair. From Biotin to Saw Palmetto Extract, Regenepure has carefully researched and selected the best hair beneficial ingredients to deliver the results you desire for your hair. Using Biotin hair growth treatment both topically and internally drastically increases the rate in which your hair grows as well as improving the texture and strength of your hair. After following the ultimate hair care restoration system that Regenepure has carefully crafted, you will watch your hair transform from thin and lifeless to voluminous, thick, conditioned and healthy looks you can be proud of. Vitamin hair loss treatments have never been better. Why Regenepure Essentials Biotin Hair Supplement? Specially formulated with the highest quality ingredients, Regenepure Essentials Supplement for Hair Growth will help regrow thinning hair while making it longer, stronger and healthier in the process. Packed with revitalizing nutrients (Biotin, Saw Palmetto, Apply Polyphenols, BCAAs, Fo-Ti, Zinc and many more) , using this Biotin Hair Loss supplement will give someone looking to grow hair the confidence they deserve. The Regenepure Essentials Hair Loss Supplement will thicken and regrow your hair from the inside out. Its special blend of clinically proven ingredients will work to help bring back your hair to its natural, healthy state with continued use of the supplements for hair loss. The best hair growth supplements don't just happen overnight. Regenepure has combined decades of knowledge & our passion to help people in need to create this effective hair loss supplement. Don't settle for less. Get the best hair loss vitamins & best supplements for hair growth with Regenepure. For more information about all ingredients, please visit 

My Review:
I have stress induced hair loss. I need stress management in my life my dermatologist says. Thats really hard to do. So I have tried several of Regenepure products and have really good results. I've been using this Biotin for a few weeks and so far I've noticed that my hair isn't as thin as it was and it's growing really fast, as well has my nails! I really like this and highly recommend it! I love the results and I completely trust Regenepure and their products! I'm a happy customer!

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Full Time Energy Weight Loss Blend

Full Time Energy Weight Loss Blend

About the Product:
  • NEW Full-Time Energy Weight Loss Liquid Blend with Super Fruits Raspberry Ketones, Garcinia Cambogia and Green Cofee Bean Extract
  • Delicious Raspberry Lemonade Flavor!! - All the fat burning and busting power of Full Time Energy Super Weight Loss Pills in a Simple and Easy Tasty Fast Absorbing 2 oz serving - NO Pills, tablets or capsules to swallow and NO Powders to mix
  • This is THE Super Premium Weight Loss Supplement Product that actually works! You can even quickly add it to your favorite juice smoothie or water.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract with Green Coffee Antioxidants - Garcinia Cambogia Premium Quality HCA - High Quality Raspberry ketones
  • Full Time Energy is made in the USA 32 oz bottle.

My Review:
I really like the flavor of this drink! It tastes really good. I've been using it for a few weeks now and so far I've noticed just inches that I've lost, no weight yet. I do run every day about 5 miles. I'm hoping this weight will come off soon! However, it does give me energy, which I like. Specially with all this crazy heat we've been having lately. Makes me want to stay inside, but I've got to run. So I get out there and get it done.

I like that this comes in liquid form and it's not a powder. I'm not really a powder kind of person. I avoid them if possible!

Overall, I like this blend for the energy! It's really helpful in that. I hope to see the weight coming off soon!

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Microfiber Wash Mitt

Mircofiber Wash Mitts

About the Product:
Buy Federico's Car Care Heavy Absorbing Microfiber Wash Mitts 2 Pack and make washing your vehicle easy and fun!

DUAL PURPOSE MITTS When used wet, these high quality mitts will soak up water and help with washing, when used dry, the noodles will attract dust making it ideal for household use. SCRATCH FREE, STREAK FREE, AND LINT FREE Microfiber is great at trapping little dust particles and will remove dirt from most surfaces without damaging the finish or leaving streaks. 100% MACHINE WASHABLE Throw these mitts in the wash and use them again and again (Recommended Washing Instructions Listed Below) SATISFACTION GUARANTEED As with all of our products, your satisfaction is our top priority. Federico's Car Care stands proudly by our 30 day money back 100% satisfaction guarantee, allowing our wonderful customers to buy safely, and with confidence. Instructions For Care: • Wash Or Rinse Before Initial Use Is Highly Recommended
To Prevent Color Bleed
• Machine Wash Cool/Warm
• Do Not Use Bleach
• Do Not Use Fabric Softener
• Tumble Dry Low Heat Or Hang To Dry
• Do Not Iron
• Wash Only With Other Microfiber Products Or Separately To Prolong Quality

My Review:
These are the best mitts for washing your car and cleaning your car! My husband is very particular about what he uses on his new truck. It's his baby! We all know how boys and their toys are!

He loves these mitts! Specially cleaning off the entire inside of his truck between deep cleaning. He'll even use a mitt to wipe off the pollen off his truck.

Overall, there are so many uses for these mitts and you get 2 of them. They are reasonably priced too! They are soft and clean dust really well, as well as pollen! They are soft and really clean, wet or dry! These are a 5 star for sure!

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Bath Pillow

Bath Pillow

About the Product:
Balance pillow is shaped to provide extra support for your head, neck, and shoulders, making your time in a bath ever more pleasant and relaxing. Create a Balance in your life, improve your bath experience, relax, and relieve stress.

★ Extra Foam
Build for comfort and relaxation in mind, Balance pillow is densely filled with high quality PU foam, resembling your bedroom pillow, and turning your bath into a luxurious spa experience.

Versatile 2 Section Design with 7 Suction Cups
2 foam-filled sections connected with a flexible hinge with 7 suction cups (2 on the top section, 5 on the bottom section) ensures the pillow stays firmly in place, providing stability in any tub shape so you don't have to worry about the slip and sliding. Simply wet them first before pressing them onto the tub to ensure a tight seal.

Smooth Exterior Vinyl Cover
The material will adapt to your body temperature creating a warm nested feeling, unlike other bath pillows that feel cold, Balance pillow feels great on your skin. It's chemically and odor resistant, easily maintainable, so you don't have to worry about mildew growth.

Heavy Duty Suction Cups

Applying: Moist the inside of the suction cup before applying it to the tub, for a better seal.

Removing: Detach each suction cup individually with your fingertips when removing the pillow from the tub.

Maintenance: Wipe off all dust and dirt which prevent an air-tight seal from forming. Use alcohol or warm soapy water as a surface cleaner to remove all grease and oils from the surface and from fingerprints. Wipe all the cleaner off with paper towels to avoid getting fabric fibers on the cleaned surface.

Balance bath pillow can be used on any tub sizes and shape including Jacuzzis. 

My Review:
I don't take baths very often, but when I do, I hate having my head on the back of the tub. It's uncomfortable and makes my head hurt after a while. I just want to relax. I don't want my head hurting.

I love this pillow. It's soft, conforms to my head and I'm able to actually relax in the tub. This is perfect. The suctions cups suction really well to my tub.

I like the feeling of the pillow. Reminds me of a memory foam. It's soft and comfortable.

I've had no problems with my pillow. Mine has not soaked up water as some reviewers on amazon have stated. It's great. I quickly towel dry it off and let it air dry. It's suppose to be mold resistant and I've had no problems thus far!

Overall, this is a great bath pillow and it works great for my needs! Now if I can just get the kids to stop coming in the bathroom while I'm trying to relax, that would be wonderful!

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Lemon Oil

Lemon Oil

About the Product:
5X EXTRA STRENGTH (5X FOLD) Lemon essential oil has anti bacterial, antiseptic and astringent qualities. It is refreshing and soothing for the skin. It brightens a dull looking skin almost instantly. It is detoxifying and it helps to lighten the skin tone, thus improving complexion and texture of the skin.
Our Lemon oil carries the strongest concentrate because it is taken from the peel of ripe fruit via cold expression. This means less drops are needed per use because of the higher concentration, LONGER LASTING AROMATHERAPY, purify and cleanses your body with more VITAMIN C, LIGHTENS FRECKLES AND BLEMISHES, and can be used in formula for SOAP or NATURAL DISINFECTANT.
Lemon Oil has a variety of uses including a natural and CHEMICAL FREE DISINFECTANT for bathrooms, sinks, and tables. Apply on freckles, scars, and age spots to lighten. Drink with a glass of water to DETOX and PURIFY the body. Some of the purported benefits of using lemon oil are that it can prevent cancer, free up the lymphatic system and respiratory system, and can be used to reduce inflammation in the body. You can start using lemon oil in baths or using it in a detox shake to add this to your lifestyle. Our Extra Strength concentration allows for fewer drops to obtain maximum efficiency.
We typically refer to the strength of a stock solution by a number followed by the times symbol x. For example, a stock solution that is concentrated by a factor of 10 is called a 10 times concentrated stock, a 10x concentrate, a solution of 10x strength, or simply a 10x solution.

My Review:
I've been using this Lemon Oil in my evening tea. Just a few drops is all I use. I really like lemons anyway, so this was a good one for me to try. I like the smell and the flavor. It's not too strong to add to your hot cup of tea.
I've been using this for about a month and I really like it. It  helps me relax and distress from the day. Which is what I always need. I can sit down, relax, read my book, and have my tea. My body feels great.
I've been reading other reviews online and there are so many uses for this! Cleaning, smelling fridges are no more, etc. I'm going to have to try these other suggested things to use it for. Some other reviewers even posted how many drops to use.
I really like to quality of the product and it's presentation. It comes with a glass bottle and glass dropper.

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AeraWine Infusion Aerator

AeraWine Spirits and Wine Aerator

About the Product:
  • This innovative bottle-top aerator infuses wine air as it's poured from the bottle - immediately enhancing taste, bouquet, and smoothness.This innovative bottle-top aerator infuses wine air as it's poured from the bottle - immediately enhancing taste, bouquet, and smoothness.
  • Also aerates spirits and liquors for smoother taste.
  • Unique friction-fit design pulls apart for easy cleaning.
  • Simply insert the AeraWine into the bottle with a slight twist to ensure an airtight seal.
  • Tilt the bottle at a steep angle for maximum aeration.

My Review:
One for you and One for your Friend! This is a great set or a perfect wedding gift! I love having a wine aerator. This aerator really gives your wine a crisper and smoother taste! 

This aerator is fantastic. I love wine. I like white wine, but I'll drink red. I purchased a bottle of moscato to try out. I did purchase a cheap bottle to try the test! I was impressed that the aerator actually made the wine taste better. I didn't think it would and it did! This is fantastic. I have friends who will buy cheap wine and I don't like the taste. I'm taking this aerator to friends houses for them to try out! This is great!
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July 4th Set

Forth of July Bundle

About the Product:
  • 12 Patriotic Necklaces 33"; Show your true colors!
  • 12 Patriotic 4th of July Rubber Ducks
  • 12 American Flag Stars and Stripes Paper Fans
  • 72 Glitter Patriotic Temporary Tattoos

My Review:
This bundle is AWESOME! Perfect for our 4th of July Celebration we are having at our house! Table decorations, Fans for anyone who is hot, necklaces and Tattoos for the kids! This is just perfect for our party! I can't wait to decorate all our tables and have everything red, white and blue! This is so exciting!

Everything is a good quality and the perfect bundle. It's also a good price too! No need to hunt all over the place to look for decorations for the party, this is your one stop shop for a great bundle! I've been very happy with all our goodies!

Celebrate and Have a Fun and Safe 4th this Year!

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MagiCream Neck & Face Wrinkle Cream

About the Product:
  • • WHY THIS IS THE BEST NECK CREAM AVAILABLE: This is a proven formula used by top cosmetic brands. Asana spent years perfecting this formulation to achieve the best results possible for moisturizing, sagging, tightening of skin. BEST MOISTURIZER AVAILABLE!
  • ANTI-AGING: ASANA Beauty Anti-Aging Neck Cream is the best neck and face cream available for revitalizing your skin. Use this twice a day. Once in the morning after you wash your face and in the evening before you go to bed. Use on a clean rinsed face. It will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the neck and face and give you a smoother, younger looking neck and décolleté.
  • RANGE OF USES: Removes age spots, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Aging, Firming, Toning, Tightening, Hydrating, Moisturizing, Day Cream, Night Cream, Makeup Base, Décolleté, Dark Spots.
  • • THE FORMULATION: This has the same ingredients as $85 top neck creams on the market and is manufactured in an FDA registered facility in California. Our formulator reverse engineered the best creams at a fraction of the cost. Don't be fooled into paying 3 times more at a major department store.

My Review:
I really like this neck cream. I've never used a neck cream before. It's very silky feeling and leaves your skin feeling soft. I do have some sun damage from us being an outdoors kind of family.

After a few weeks of using this on my neck and upper chest, I've noticed that my skin is appearing healthier and smoother. Those fine lines are starting to be less and less noticeable. This is a winner in my book.

Overall, this is awesome and I love it.

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coosh BP Monitor

Coosh Blood Pressure Monitor

About the Product:
  • Large and Clear LCD Display
  • WHO Classification Indicator
  • Memory can store 30 measurements
  • Intelligent, Automatic Measurements

My Review:
This is an awesome blood pressure monitor. I'm a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA, AAMA) and I gave this to my father. He has high blood pressure and is on medication. He needs to keep his blood pressure in check and maintain a healthy life style.

I have checked my fathers BP the traditional way and with this machine and the machine is right on point! It's time consuming to check BP the traditional way, then check the patients pulse, and keep a log. This does everything for you! Superb!

This BPM is fully functional, easy to read, easy to use, and easy to store away.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Bonafide Baby Car Seat Covers With Free Stroller Hook

Bonafide Baby Car Seat Covers With Free Stroller Hook

About the Product:
Life in a car seat can be tough. Just when you fall to sleep, you're exposed to blinding sunlight, flying insects, chilly breezes and airborne germs. You wouldn't want that and neither does your precious little one. Protect them with the infant car seat cover from Bonafide Baby.

Conveniently stores your purse, diaper bags and more to your stroller, shopping carts, etc.
Machine washable with a blend of polyester and cotton, and a soft, plush backside for your baby's comfort that also doubles as a blanket. The adjustable Velcro straps ensure a perfect fit for all brands of cars seats.


My Review:
WOW! This infant car seat cover is awesome! It's nice and thick, provide complete coverage of the car seat and is super soft. This is not your cheap, flimsy cover. This is a good quality cover and is looks very expensive! The grey is beautiful and the cover is beautifully designed.

Bonafide took a lot of time and care to make this cover. You can use it as a cover or lay it out on the floor for your baby to lay on. It's so soft that you could use it as a blanket too! This cover isn't going to irritate your babys skin. It's so soft!

I'm quite impressed with the quality of this product. Not only do you get a great cover, Bonafide also adds in a little something for mom, a nice clip. You can clip it to your shopping cart and hang your purse or bags.

Not expecting, but looking for a baby gift? This is perfect for giving as a gift. Moms will be so thankful to own this!!! You can't go wrong with this great cover!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.