Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kitty Toy

Birds Flying Feather Cat Teaser Toy

About the Product:
Cats have a natural instinct to hunt and stalk. If this urge is left unfulfilled, cats may become aggressive, destructive or depressed, making it important that you engage your pet in regular play to help her stay in the best of health and friendly. The Cat Feather Teaser Toy is a toy that is sure to engage your cat and allow her to get exercise and tap into the hunter within her, satisfying urges to make her happier and more content.

The Cat Feather Teaser Toy is a fine quality toy made especially for cats. Its design begins with a 20-inch rod crafted out of flexible black plastic. Easy to grip, the rod is simple to wield and move, so that people of all ages can use it to engage their feline friends. An assemblage of feathers in different colors and sizes is mounted on one end along with a single metal bell. When the rod is waved, the feathers move back and forth and the bell jingles, exciting cats. The use of feathers allows the toy to recreate the movements of birds, which makes cats eager to pounce.

Made from the absolute finest of materials, the Cat Feather Teaser Toy is highly durable and can be enjoyed by cats of all sizes and weights. The length of the rod allows you to stand back safely away from your pet as she plays and gives you the perfect amount of reach to make both large and small movements to keep play interesting. All of the materials used in the construction of the toy are safe for cats, so you won't have to worry about your pet chewing or clawing at the feathers, the cord or the rod.

The Cat Feather Teaser Toy is the perfect way to make sure your cat gets regular exercise and has a chance to enjoy the thrill of the hunt. This toy's design has been rigorously tested to ensure your satisfaction and your pet's complete enjoyment. Order one today and start having hours of playful fun with your pet.

My Review:
My cat LOVES this toy! The stick is a perfect length and it has just enough feathers and a bell. As I was opening the box, Our cat, Linksys, came running. She loves to play! We have bad the best time with this feather toy. Linksys goes crazy for it. She jumps and bats at it.

Linksys is a snooty cat and is very particular about what toys she likes. She loves this one. The stick has just a right amount of flexibility for a great time for both myself and our kitty.

We have had a blast with this feather toy! Both my kids love using it to play with our kitty!

When we aren't playing with her, Linksys will steal it from the Kitty Toy Box and drag it off. We sometimes will stick it in the couch cushions so that she can play when we aren't home.

Having a fun toy, such as this Teaser, provides a good deal of exercise for your cat. Cats need exercise to help prevent becoming overweight.

This toy has been approved by Linksys as a keeper and her favorite!

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