Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sunwukin Waterproof Case

Sunwukin Waterproof Case iPhone 6/6s

About the Product:
Sunwukin is specialized in making waterproof cases for almost Apple iPhone devices.
We offer simple but smart, fashion, usefull and high quantity case more than Lifeproof or Otterbox case for you,not only for women men, but also for teen girls boys guys kids children. We not only focus on leading items, but also care about your best shopping experiences.So just enjoy your shopping trip at Our Store.
Waterproof case is sold only by Sunwukin Store for 12-Month warranty.
The warranty does not, under any circumstances, cover the replacement or cost of any electronic device or personal property inside or outside of ITEM.

  • [ Compatibility ]****ONLY for iPhone 6 /6s 4.7 inch. Precision cut outs for all ports and button: headphone jack, volume, charge port, mute, camera and touch ID, are extremely secure and easily accessible
  • [ Ingress Protection Rating Certified ]*** IP68 Waterproof and fully submersible to 6.6'/2 m for 1 hour. Withstands drops from 6.6'/2 m. You can use it for everyday, everywhere for everything
  • [ Grid Front Cover ]***Made it Crystal Clear Clarity.Screen protection film is made of PET material With Grid and prevents scratches design. Ultra-clear Optical Glass protects the camera lens and flash
  • [ Upgraded Sound/Headphone Design ]***Upgraded Screw mute button design makes it much more flexible to adjust/cover. And Inside of the case,there is a small ring to fix mute button ,if it lost or broken, you need to reinstall the small ring to fix thread button.If you need it, you can purchase a back up replacement accessories in our shop (B01FQYHR5U )
  • [ Important ]*** [1] Only fits for the iPhone of non-Glass Screen Protector, or will affect the touch sensitivity[2] Please Put a Tissue in the case for test first [3]Only fits for Apple Brand Lighting to USB Cable or other narrow connector MFi Cable [4] Make sure you line up phone switch with the case toggle switch as you put it together

Comparison of the Sunwukin case and LifeProof Case

My Review: 

I am loving this Sunwukin case! It's so much better than my LifeProof case. I've included photos to show the 2 cases side by side. Excuse my messy white case. It's been beat up just a bit and hasn't held up very well.

The Sunwukin case is pretty awesome. It comes with everything you need to prep your phone to put it inside. The Sunwukin case is fairly easy to close the phone in. Snap the 4 corners, then snap around.

I love that the buttons are easy to press and that they dial on the side switches the ringer on and off. My LifeProof case has never been able to catch the iPhone switch, so I'm never able to turn off the ringer unless I take the phone out of the case.

The iphone cable fits perfectly inside the bottom door. The door is also a little tough to pop open, which I love because I know it will stay close. My LifeProof case doesn't stay closed very well. It easily pops open. If you drop it, the door pops open. My husband's just barely closes.

I haven't been impressed with the LifeProof case since I bought it. I tossed my phone into the pool after having it for a month and the door popped open and my phone was ruined. 10 days in rice make it come back to life. Shew. I've had a LifeProof case since the iPhone 4. My case was a good quality and worked amazingly. The iPhone 5 case, wasn't as good and the iPhone 6 case is just terrible. LifeProof has lost my business! Don't get me wrong, LifeProof is a good company, but when you buy 2 cases (one black and one white) and they don't perform as they should, there is a problem.

I love how sturdy feeling the Sunwukin case is. I also love the teal color. I have been so impressed with all the features of this case. It's very well made. I've had 2 accidental drops recently and it held up really well. I've also received compliments on my case and they love the color!

The Sunwukin cases come in different styles and they have 3 colors currently, black, teal, and pink. I hope they come out with more colors because I am a fan! I know the iPhone 7 will be out soon and I hope I can get a Sunwukin case ASAP when that phone comes out.

Overall, the Sunwukin is awesome and I love it. I have put my white case in the closet and won't be using it again. I have been very disappointed in it's performance since I purchased it. The Sunwukin acts just as I want a case to act. Also, you can't beat the price.

The Sunwukin is great and I love it. I'll be ordering one for my husband as well. You can't beat the price.

-Even though I am writing a product review, my review is my honest opinion. You are welcome to make your own review of each case. I am just stating how I feel and my personal comparison of each case.

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