Tuesday, October 4, 2016

LED Desk Lamp

LED Desk Lamp

About the Product:
  • 2 IN 1: You can use it as a night light, it is very beautiful; you can use it as a desk lamp for normal usage.
  • Advanced LED lighting technology, Glare-free,Flicker-free,natural soft light provides a comfortable and unique desk lamp environment.
  • Touch mood control with 7 colorful atmosphere light automatically for this desk lamp.
  • Lamp Protection Design:No flickering,no dark area and no ghosting protects your vision, reduces eye fatigue.
  • Include USB charging port which allows you to charge your mobile device.You can charge when you are in need. USB charging cable is included. It is very convenient.

My Review:
I love this lamp! It takes up very little room! I have it on my bookshelf that I use for a bedside table. I love that you can just touch it and it gives you the on/off or you can touch the "sun" and you can light up the bottom for a rainbow night light.

I love to read in bed before I go to sleep. I usually use the overhead light and have to get up out of bed to turn the light out. Then I have to try and get comfortable again. Having this small desk light, I can just tap it and it turns off.

I love that you can charge the light and have no cord attached to it. There is an outlet next to the bed, but only 2 things can be plugged in at a time. I usually have my phone and the bed plugging into the wall. Yes, my bed requires an outlet because it's adjustable. So, as you can see, I can charge the lamp during the day and use it without the cord in the evenings. It's a win-win for me.

The color changing lights are great. They slowly changing colors and it's a subtle light. It's not bright to disturb anyone if you use it as a night light. 

The light it's self has 3 setting. The first tap is bright, the 2nd tap is medium light, and 3rd is dim. On the 4th tap, it turns off. So you can choose how bright you want the light to be.

The adjustable neck is great! You can direct the light how you want. Closing it keeps from disturbing my hubby when he's in the room!

Overall, this is a great lamp and I do recommend it to others! It's fantastic and the kids also love it!

Disclaimer: Product was provided for my honest opinion. All words and photos are mine.

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