Saturday, August 16, 2014

Beekeeper Made - Beekeeper Approved
Family made in small handcrafted batches!

This is a neat company with an adorable logo of a cute bee! This is a family owned and operated company. They use all natural ingredients! I like all natural! 

Buzz Balm: Peppermint - I really like this. Is smells nice, has a bit of a tingle (I like from Peppermint), and is very smooth goin on. I used it before bed time and when I woke up, my lips were soft. I really like this balm. Its not tacky or sticky.

Original Honey Hand and Body Cream - I used this on my hands and arms. It was really nice and glided over my skin nicely. I like when I find a good lotion. I will have to get a larger bottle of this!

Moisturizing Peppermint & Honey Body Wash - I love this one a lot. Its a great wash for in the morning when you need a "wake me up"! It smells great and lathered up nicely on my loofa (puff ball as I call it). 

I would highly recommend Beessential to friends and family. I'll be ordering in the fuuture! Peppermint is more of a winter scent for me. So I wouldnt use this scent in the summer. I like summer scents right now, but I do love these products that I got. 

I'll definitely order in the future! Be sure to check out their website and order! They are a great company this is made in the USA! They are also cruelty free product! No testing on animals, which I like since Im a huge animal lover!

Thank you Beessential for allowing me to sample your products and for this awesome sticker! And a Thank You to your little bees on your farm that helped make these great products

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