Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tend Skin

Tend Skin 
The Skin Care Solution

I tried the sample products they gave me yesterday and the verdict is still out on how I feel. 

The Gel:
I do like this gel. It does at it says. I did not like that I had to clean my razor after one swipe on my lower leg. I used a new razor and like to have at least 2-3 swipes before I run my razor under the shower head. I did have a nice close shave when I was done!!!

I also have sensitive skin. Every time I shave my legs I look like I've ben rolling around in the grass! I have itchy legs with bumps all over. I've been to my dermotolgist and she says I have a water allergy. I dont even have to shave my legs for my legs to itchy like a mad man!

The gel was great! No blotchy itchy legs! So I was impressed!

The Liquid:
This product says to test a small area first! I skipped the test area and applied! Yes, I do that sometimes. 

This does contain alcohol! So caution should be used. I applied this before bed as recommended. I had a bit of that "burn" feeling for a second. It wasnt bad. 

The next morning my legs were soft and I applied again in the morning as suggested. Again, my legs were soft. 

These products are to help prevent razor burn, ingrown hair, ect. Does it work? I'd say yes, but I havent used it enough to say for sure on the liquid product. 

Would I buy these? Yes on the gel! Not sure for the liquid!

These you have it! I hope you've enjoyed my review and I hope it helps you decide if this is for you! Remember that everyone's skin is different! You may have a different result than me! Try it and let me know! Post in the comment section below!

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