Friday, October 21, 2016

Flat Artist Brushes

Flat Artist Brushes - 6 pack
by: The Art Chest

About the Product:
  • STURDY BRUSHES made from selected materials and best golden nylon.
  • BEST FOR acrylic, watercolour, tempera, ink, gouache, watermixable oil.
  • NO SHEDDING HAIRS, they will not spoil your work, easy to use, will last.
  • VERY THIN EDGE will help to achieve various brushstrokes, useful for lettering.
  • MADE AND TESTED BY ARTISTS. We believe so much in our brushes, that they come with LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

My Review:
My sister and I love to refurbish old furniture. We have a blast taking something old and making it new and giving it a new life. These brushes have come in handy! Between tables, chairs, old windows, shelves and more, we have every size we need!

Even though these are "Artist" brushes, I'm not an artist at all, but I need good brushes for all the painting we do! These are fantastic and easy to use! Very easy to clean also! The price is good also! You'll love these brushes as much as we do!

This is the chair that she worked on. The large brush was great for touch ups!

*Disclaimer: Product was provided for my honest review. All words and photos are mine!

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