Sunday, October 16, 2016

Say Cheese Cafe Math Board Game

Say Cheese Cafe
By Logic Roots

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About the Product:
  • Multiplication practice becomes cheesy and fun with this amazing fun for kids of all ages. Great tool to master multiplication tables
  • Converts family time in to a time to bond over math. Lots of fun where kids actually apply math to win the game.
  • Builds 4 Key Life skills - Communication competence , Memorization , Hand eye coordination
  • Perfect gift for age 7+ and up. Builds skills that last a life time.
  • Game contains 8 types of cheese coins, play bags, bins, rule book and flicker

Inside the Box

My 8 year old son, My 16 year old daughter, and Myself had a blast!

My Review:
This game was a lot of fun! Be sure to read the instructions so that you understand how to play! All the disks are divided up evenly. You place them all inside your bag. No peaking! Everyone spins the spinner to see who goes first. The first person spins the spinner. It lands on 8. So you pull a number out of your bag. Lets say 81. 8 x ? = 81? Nothing, so you toss that disk into the picnic basket in the middle. Then it's the next persons turn. Who ever the first person to get the correct number wins all the disks in the basket. There are fun disks also that are special! You'll have to play the game to find out.

My son loves math and this game is perfect for him. We have played several time since we got it. You can use this as multiplication and division. Instead of 8x?=81, you can say how many times does 8 go into 81? My son is learning division because he's known his multiplication number since Kindergarten. So we are working at home on division since he won't learn that until halfway through the school year.

Overall, this game is awesome and if your child needs help with math, this game is perfect. My daughter tutors my nephew who is also 8 years and he loves to play. He struggles in math and this game has really helped him learn!

Get this game for your child. Also, check out their other games! They have a lot of learning games! 

*Disclaimer: Product was provided for my honest opinion. All words and photos are mine!


  1. Wow!! Seems great.. Multiplication and Division in one! Thankyou.

  2. Totally loved the colors on the game.

  3. Very nice game... Thanks for the review..