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North Coast Organics

North Coast Organics
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I'd like to start off by Thanking Angela and North Coast Organics for sending me samples of their products to review! You guys are awesome!

The Products
#PoneAlSol -
I'm not sure what deodorant this is, but it smells nice!

Revolver -
Revolver is unlike any other deodorant you will ever use.  Revolver shoots down odor wherever it lurks and will never miss its target.  Unholster Revolver today and send odor to an early grave.
Although a ruthless killer [of odor], Revolver has a soul.  He is made from only the finest, organic, all natural ingredients. 

Death By Lavendar -
Death will kill [odor] for you.  She relishes snuffing odor out. She bares her true face for it puts odor on notice.  Death is a cocky, elite assassin that will never miss her target.  She is unlike any other deodorant you will meet.
Although a ruthless killer [of odor], she has a soul.  She utilizes only the finest, organic, all natural ingredients as her weapons.

Naked - 
naked is formulated to be gentle on your skin and harsh on odor.  naked uses the minimal amount of the finest, natural ingredients to ensure that you do not stink and your underarms are not harmed.
ingredients(Vegan): coconut oil*, carnauba wax*, arrowroot powder* & baking soda

Mystery Bottle -
I think this is a large deodorant of Naked. It smells like it!

Note: This container is recyclable and resusable. The labels are printed in vegan ink on 100% Tree Free/100% Fair Trade Certified Paper.

The Review

The one thing that I love about North Coast Organics, is that they have all their ducks in a row and all kinds of certificates to show they are authentic! This is a bonus for me! Yes, I use products that I'm sure are tested on animals. Being that I'm an animal lover, I don't like to think about those things, but when I come across a company that does not test on animals and they have great products, they gain a future customer!

I've been using Naked for about a week now. It is a little difficult to get on because it's a stick and you have to rub, rub, rub to warm it up to glide on. I normally use Suave Sport deo. It's expensive! I spend about $12 on it. I like it. BUT I'm totally digging Naked from North Coast Organics! I do have sensitive skin and due to skin allergies, I usually have my lymph nodes inflamed and enlarged. Then my pits itch like crazy! Since switching to Naked, I haven't had any flare ups. Super excited about that. I love the travel size, so I can toss it in my purse!

I'm pretty active myself! I love to run! I'm a daily runner and always participating in 5k runs! Its hot here in Eastern North Carolina! 

I gave the "Death by Lavender" to my daughter. She's very active and is in cheer gym 4 days a week for at least 2 hours each day! When you are tumbling, stunting, and dancing, you'll break a sweat too! She can get a little stinky and her deodorant usually wears off. She's been using this for a week and it really works!

I can safely say that I'm a believe in these products! I know they have a future customer in me! I am loving their products!

Thank you again Angela and North Coast Organics for the samples and allowing me to write a review about your products! I hope that you enjoy my blog!

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