Sunday, April 5, 2015

Toothbrush Cleaner

Oral SteriClean

About the Product:
Oral SteriClean UV Toothbrush Sanitizers are not used just to keep our mouth healthy, there are used to keep our entire body, heart, lungs, and other vital organs healthy! Most of the bacteria on our toothbrush cause heart disease, stroke, infectious endocarditis, meningitis, respiratory infections, pneumonia, blood infections, ear infections, eye infections, life threatening diseases, ulcers, GI Tract infections, gum disease, cavities, and much more! Oral SteriClean is the only sanitizer that has proven clinical data and truly works! Place your toothbrush in the sanitizer, it automatically turns on and off. It's that simple! ( Your toothbrush harbors as many as 100 million bacteria, this bacteria affects all the organs of the body. -England's University of Manchester, 2012 ) ( 70 % toothbrushes are heavily contaminated with microorganisms affecting our heart and making us sick -New York State Dental Journal , 2012 ) ( "Even after being rinsed visibly clean , toothbrushes can remain contaminated with potentially pathogenic organisms" " -The Centers for Disease Control ) ( "The aerosol effect, a cloud of tiny droplets containing fecal bacteria travels far outside the toilet when flushed and lands on your toothbrush" "Toilet bacteria travels up to 15 feet and can live on surfaces up to a week". -Dr. Mehmet Oz Jan. 2013 ) Oral SteriClean is the #1 clinically tested and proven UV Toothbrush Sanitizer recommended by medical and dental professionals! Oral SteriClean UV Portable Traveler Sanitizer was the stocking stuffer of 2012 and nominated for one of the best health products of 2013! Published by Dentistry IQ, Journal RDH magazine, The Tatum Times, Bio Portfolio, and Bio Medicine, Oral SteriClean is the recommended UV Toothbrush Sanitizer for every household! Don't be fooled by other UV sanitizers, some don't even have clinical data to support their products and others only are able to reduce the bacteria causing the common cold!

My Review:
The flu has been running ramp it around our house! Once one person is done and over it, another one gets it. It's been a crazy place around our house. None stop cleaning and disinfecting, but do we ever stop to think about our toothbrushes? NO! I know I didn't think about it. So now that I have this awesome little cleaner, I've been using it none stop on all the tooth brushes. We are tired of sharing fly germs!

I also like that it kills germs and bacteria that we don't even think about! Yes, do we ever stop and think that fecal bacteria is on our toothbrushes? Nope! I know I didn't think about it. So needless to say, we clean our toothbrushes very often!

This awesome little Oral SteriCleaner is awesome! It gets the job done! I love it and I've been telling everyone about it!

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