Monday, December 15, 2014

Bombay Eyelash Curler

Majestic Bombay
Eyelash Curler

The Product:
Ladies, Want Lovely Lashes?
It is a pity for you not to have curly, dramatic sexy lashes when this little tool does it so easily!

With our PRECISION CURLER, you'll get:
-Precise control, comfort and sturdy construction
-An ergonomic design that fits eyes of all shapes and sizes, NO pinch and pain!
-The spring loaded handle means you get a lot more lift with less pressure!

So if you want gorgeous lashes without the pinch and pull, get yourself a PRECISION CURLER by MAJESTIC

My Review:
I really like this curler. I have used so many curlers that have pinched and pulled and I usually don't use a curler. I gave this one a try and I love it! It's easy to use, has a great finger holes, I love the rubber piece, and its overall a great curler.

I also love the springs! So much easier than a traditional curler! I have gotten very nice lashes from using this!

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