Friday, December 12, 2014

Gurin Kitchen Scale

Gurin Kitchen Scale

The Product:
Gurin Touch Digital Scale is one of the most advanced digital kitchen scales in the industry. 4 high precision GFX latest generation sensors deliver superior accuracy and quick response times for fast pace kitchen environments. A large easy to read blue back lit display compliments the reflective black surface made out of high quality tempered glass that is 4 times stronger than normal glass. Two touch sensitive buttons make using the Gurin Touch Digital Scale simple and easy to use.

Features includes a scale capacity range from a mere 0.1 ounces to 12 lbs 10.8 oz, provides measurements in graduations of 1 g or 0.1 oz., displays results in both the US and international metric systems (grams | ounces | pounds | kilograms), plus a small footprint of 9-1/2 x 6-5/8 x 1/2 inches, 18.2 oz.

Perfect for portion controlling meals, faster cooking preparation time and for recipes requiring measurement accuracy.

My Review:
Another great product from Gurin! I can't rave enough about their products!

This scale is by far my favorite kitchen scale. Its light weight, flat for easy storage, digital, and all around a great quality!

I'm trying to loose weight and portion control is a must! Having a kitchen scale has taken the guess work out of how much I can allow myself. 

If you need a fantastic kitchen scale for your needs, this is the one to have!

My brother is a bodybuilder, as well as his girlfriend, I have recommended this scale to them. They are health nuts and must be on a very strict diet. The are using a cheap scale and I told them about this one. It's on the must have list for Christmas! I've shown him my scale and he loves it!

It's important to have a good scale and not a cheap dinky one if you want results!

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