Friday, December 12, 2014

Shower Caddy

Shower Made
Shower Caddy

The Product:
The Secret to a Hassle Free Shower
Are you fed up with putting your hand into a slimy plastic bag to find your comb, razor, or even worse your toothbrush? Do you have black mold spots all over your expensive beauty or hair products? Does your wash sponge or scrunchie have a sinister odor because it never dried out from the last time you used it?
Problem Solved!
With the ShowerMade Shower Tote you can be fresh and organized every day.
Get the Best with the ShowerMade Shower Tote
We listened to what our customers wanted and have provided the best customer favoured design Shower Tote from their suggestions.
The Benefits of the ShowerMade Shower Tote
· Heavy duty mesh double stitched and covered seams to make sure there is no ripping or fraying.
· 3 Different Sizes of Pockets to suit large or small toiletries
· Extra long 20" reinforced handle to make carrying easier and to hang easily on a hook or faucet. Plus it's so much more hygienic than leaving it on the floor
· Sturdy design will not flop over even when empty and it easily folds flat to travel.
· Quick drying mesh fabric ensures air can circulate so no mold can grow on the bag or it's contents

My Review:
This caddy is awesome! I love taking it on trips with me! We travel a lot for 5k races and cheerleading competitions. I love that we can put all our shampoo, conditions, body wash, puff balls (loofa), shaving cream, razors, and facial cleansers in this caddy! Hang it on the shower head and let it all dry out! What a smart idea! I hate having to take a towel to dry all my shower items before I pack them away. What a pain that can be!

I put my 24 oz Tervis cup next to the caddy so that you can see how tall it is. It has 6 pockets and came with a small travel loofa!

This is perfect for in home use or to travel with! You'll love it too!

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